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About the Egyptian temple arts and life force alchemy


The temple arts offer transformative shamanic journeys that explore authentic expression and release for deeper wellbeing and sense of empowerment. Together we move through what is blocking the current of life force energy /sexual energy to return to the centre of true self, back to love and presence. 

Old traumas , conditioned beliefs and neurological conditioning can block a sense of being alive , so how can we be and live with more passion for the journey of life and no longer  block love and relationship out of fear, shame and guilt?

We also work with the natural forces of death and destruction to see where a more attuned response to change can occur naturally.

With support you can begin to  re-write the story of your life as you claim back your power, your truth and your sexual expression that is uniquely yours to live and begin to live a life that is in a greater alignment with your core nature and to your dreams. 

Breath work, de-armouring, sacred spot, emotional release, cocooning, learning self pleasuring, shamanic journeying and energetic realignment  are some of the offerings .

The Egyptian Tree of Life is the foundational map and blueprint used in this Temple Art to navigate oneself back to truth, grace and power.

As well as deeply aligning with the Cosmic Womb and the journeying with the Egyptian Neteru as guides and support to our personal evolution. Read more about the Neteru in the free E-Book offered when you sign up to the newsletter as well as a free recording shamanic journey!

Enjoy 💓

Looking forward to journeying with you.


A brief introduction into the Egyptian temple arts work. Re-membering the scattered pieces of Osiris or our soul fragments and bringing them home through the love and devotion of the feminine Isis. 🌹


A foundational piece for the integration of masculine and feminine 💕 Soul and Body