Blue Lotus, a poem

A wave of death over washes me, I have been and have never been born, in the forlorn skies, of my eyes, that weeps with the rains of the primordial sea.

I am a seed, a small and delicate need in the arms of my own protectress who is the empress and yet she sighs with the sleep of the memories she cannot keep

I weep in the torment of my many nights and the blessings of my many days as gratitude flutters from my lips caught in the mud of my mind

I strive to rise like the Lotus from the mud but I cannot move from the sludge of the shit of my distortions

Oh reality you play around me in a mirage of shadows and my heart knows the truth of the purity that I find in my unity of shadow of light , thought and word

She holds me in her bosoms of warm earth and breathes the very kiss of the sun unto my brow, as I bow to the non and all in a tender cry of my vulnerable , ‘why’?

‘Surrender and forgive’ the winds whisper from the many directions of the abyss as I melt in bliss of the fall into the all

I fall and rise with the breath of the wise as the sun shines in no disguise in a billion rays of truth

It soothes my soul as I breathe in whole and breathe out the many lies of my existence

My sex soars to the spirit of infinite love as my seed merges with the grace of the womb and the infinite waters of creation

Golden child born of the mud and the stars , I am lotus born, and home in the warm glow of eternal beauty

of the all and the none

The one


Introduction video to the Egyptian Tree of Life video series