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sensual meditation

This is a sensual journey of creating deeper union between your sexuality and spirit. Deeply relaxing, energizing and alchemical, this 45-minute Sex Magic meditation guides you to unwind and fill your cup.


Let go of the day, let go of the mind and begin to surrender to the deeper power that lies within. There’s so much power stored in the sexual energy or life force energy in the base of the body. And yet because of emotions like fear, shame and guilt, this life force energy is hindered.

This meditation uplifts this energy in the deeper parts of our body, our base, creating a union with our higher self, our soul.

What you need to begin:

✨Find yourself in a comfortable position either lying down or sitting up.

✨You can do this meditation alone, or with a partner. It’s also intended to create deeper levels of intimacy in yourself and eventually with others.

✨You can be naked or dressed. You may also self-pleasure and touch yourself. As your energy rises, you may feel arousal. This is beautiful! Your sexuality is welcome, perfect, and celebrated.

Let's begin.