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Let me take you to the ancient temples of Egypt…


Sacred Nile Journeys 

Through Luxor and Aswan 

This is a Journey that I often describe as a soul pilgrimage. Coming to visit the ancient temples whilst floating on the Nile is a profound experience that inspires and awakens. I have found over the years that there is far more ease and a sense of being able to fall into the magic when one need not organise things upon arrival. So we are  here to support you in creating your sacred journey to Egypt. 


Bring a group: 

If you are a facilitator or sacred journey guide we can help you organise your journey. 

From Airport pickup to drop off, the entire stay is covered with transport, a guide, temple visits, a luxurious boat or/ and an eco hotel plus live music. 

You can also add on private visits to the temples with your group. 

Contact us for the package details. 

Join a group: 

On my events there will be a list of events including ( if there are any scheduled ) Nile Journeys. 

If the timing I not suitable or there is non scheduled then contact us to support you find another group you can join as many great facilitators and guides come to Egypt regularly and we can help you find the right one. 

Coming solo: 

If you are coming alone or with a friend/s or partner then we can arrange a journey especially tailored just for you. 

Contact us for more details 

Let us know what you’re looking for.

Share with us what kind of tour you desire, how many people, dates, and if you’ve been to Egypt before (and where).