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I work with men and women to transform blocked life force energy or sexual energy to return to a place of innocence, authenticity, self-worth, embodiment and speaking ones truth.

I support you to remember who you truly are behind the identity and come home to your soul’s radiant essence.

With a combination of some of the ancient practices used in the Temples of Ancient Egypt as well as modern day psychotherapy and Neurological re-patterning will we journey to your own sense of power and love.

I love feeling the feminine slowly flower under a clear gaze and deeply rooted masculine presence. If you particularly struggle with feeling your ecstatic current, your sensual bliss and if you find it difficult to cry and release or actually have some blockages in your sacral then I may very well be able to support you.

With just over 10 years of experience and hundreds of sessions I feel confident we can bring out your soul to shine slowly taking as long as we need for the home-coming.

Some of the tools and medicines used:

• Ritual and ceremony

• Breath work

• Active Meditation

• Emotional Release

• Guided Visualisations

• Subtle Energy Processes to clear and realign the bodies life force stream

• Integration of the inner masculine & feminine

• Increasing multidimensional awareness

• Releasing past dramas and traumas through neurological re-patterning

• Expanding the capacity for pleasure and owning ones desire

• Honouring healthy boundaries

Sessions take place over Skype or in-person (depending on location).

I am also available for group sessions, relationship and couple sessions

For the Countries I am available in next for sessions:

January : Egypt ( ask for price in local currency)

Mid February- end of February : Ibiza

March- Mid April : London

June- Mid September: Follow me on the Wild love tour across Europe. Exact locations coming soon

Price of Session: 200- 350 Euros per hour/ sliding scale

Suggested time: 2 hours

Skype sessions: 100 Euros per hour - Fixed rate


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