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Women’s empowerment work

I work with women to reclaim power, Love,
and freedom.


I love working with the feminine, especially wombs.

It brings me such joy and celebration to be with the darkest and the lightest of human expression, mostly found in the feminine within both men and women. The ceremony and ritual of pure transmission from the soul, heart and womb is what I live for.

When a group of powerful women get together, magic begins to stir and weave and I feel this is the change the planet is ready for.

My offerings are mostly co-creations and in this I can surrender to being and not just doing.

If you are a corporate women, a housewife, an entrepreneur or artist or even a forest fairy you have a place in a circle of women. When we drop our masks and identities and raw life force moves through us, we stand in the circle as one.

One great heart and mind, one great womb and one voice of the feminine. Together we are stronger.

Join me for the upcoming events listed soon.

  • Shamanic Priestess Initiation Journey- Feb 2021- Egypt

  • Shamanic Womb Journey- April 2021- Egypt

  • Wild Woman - TBA- Monserat Spain 2020

  • The Divine Courtesan- Italy, TBA 2020

Global Red Tent gathering- TBA- for any interest in collaboration please message me.